Access Systems for operating Automatic Gates

Published on December 7, 2017 at 5:30 PM

There are many great options available to operate your Automatic Security Gate System. Depending on your requirements there is an access system to suit domestic, strata and commercial applications.

Remote Controls…. Remote control gate systems provide a high level of security and are a convenient access system which is vandal proof as there are no external readers required.
Remote controls are a cost effective access system when looking at up to 40 remote controls. If more than 40 remote controls are required for a site we would suggest one of the following options.
Remote controls come in two options a hand held remote control or key ring style remote control.

Audio Intercom and Video Intercom Systems……… Audio and Video Intercom Systems are ideal for domestic, strata and commercial sites. The Audio Intercom System allows you to speak with the person at the gate before allowing access. The Video intercom System allows you to see and speak with the person at the gate before authorising access. The Video Intercom System also has the facility to record video of people who have called and pressed your intercom to see if you were at home whilst you were out, which is ideal to assist in monitoring and secure your premises. Both the Audio and Video Intercom System have a front Intercom station at the gate with an Internal Intercom Station inside. The internal Intercom Station has a release button that will open your driveway gate or pedestrian gate from inside when pushed allowing access to visitors. For larger premises additional Internal Intercom Stations can be added to the system.

Digital Code Pads….. are ideal for domestic, strata and commercial sites. A four digit code is entered into the code pad located at the front driveway gate or pedestrian gate. In domestic applications this access option is great for gardeners, cleaners, relatives or friends who you do not want to issue remote controls to. Codes can simply be added and deleted as required. For strata and commercial applications it allows for up to 500 individual codes to be recorded. Codes can be added and removed individually as required ie; when a staff member leaves they can easily have their access to the property removed, or when a tenant moves out their access can be removed. Economical option as the only cost is the installation of the code pad.
Wireless option with up to 40mtrs available.

Proximity Swipe Card Access System….the swipe card system is ideally suited to strata and commercial sites when more than 40 remote controls are required as the cost per card is substantially cheaper than remote controls. Cards can also be added and deleted individually as required.

Push Buttons…..ideal for domestic, strata and commercial sites the push button can be used in two ways. For sites were security is not an issue the push button can be mounted next to the automatic driveway gate, people simply push the button to operate the gate. Another ideal use is to have a hidden push button for convenience when a remote control is not available for use. An example is putting out the garbage bins without a remote control, you simply have a hidden push button located in your garden which when pushed operates the gates.

Happy Customer

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Anthony – Stirgess Ave, Curl Curl
I would like to say how very pleased we are with the very professional way in which you carried out the work. The work was of an excellent standard and the final results were very pleasing. It was good to have the work done by a firm that when they said they would do something, they actually did it and on time! 
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Just want to let you know we are extremely happy with our gates and appreciate the thorough and professional service that you offered.
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Our new gate is a much welcomed addition to our property, Its operation is working perfectly and Ben and I are very happy with the finished product.
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