Automatic Gate Safety

Published on December 7, 2017 at 5:30 PM

Automatic Gate Systems are heavy moving objects that require proper initial installation and set up of the automation system and safety devices, along with common sense by the users and regular ongoing maintenance.

Unfortunately over the years there have been some terrible accidents involving automatic gate systems which could have been prevented.

New Automatic Gate installations: firstly check who is installing your Automatic Gate System? These days there are too many companies or sole traders that are installing automatic gate systems without a Fair Trading Licence, this is normally because they are not properly qualified in the relevant trade.
Having a ‘fencing’ or ‘handy man licence’ is inadequate for the work required to ensure proper and safe installation of your system. You will require your installer to hold at a minimum an ‘electrical licence’ along with the a ‘gate licence’.
Any qualified trade will be able to provide a copy of their Department of Fair Trading licence listing both of these qualifications.

Older and Existing Automatic Gate Systems: normally a gate that is over 5 years old and has not been maintained on a regular basis will not have fully functional safety equipment. It is important to have your system checked and updated to ensure all safety components are in order to protect both people and vehicles using the automatic security gate system.

Guidelines for safe operation of your Automatic Gate System:
- do not tailgate another car through the gate opening
- never stop in the path of an automatic gate
- do not let children play on or near the gate
- never operate the gate unless it is in your view
- do not modify your automatic gate system
- keep your automatic gate system regularly service and report any faults immediately

Safety devices available for Automatic Gate Systems:
- Auto-Reverse Function at a minimum your automatic gate system should come standard with this feature, if the gate impacts a vehicle it will reverse into the open position. If the system you are looking to install does not have this as a minimum safety feature look for a different model and company.
- Photo-Electric Safety Beams can be added to any automatic gate system. They can be set up in different areas of the gate to stop the gate from operating should a vehicle, object or person stop in the path of the gate. Ideally two sets provide proper safety. The first set is best located in between the gate posts so when anything is stopped in the gate opening area the Photo-Electric Beams will stop the gate from operating until the opening is cleared. A second set ideally would be set up in the swing area of the gate to stop the gates from opening on any vehicles, persons or objects that may be in the opening swing area of the gates.
- Light Curtains the light curtain contain up to 150 synchronised light beams, acting as per the Photo-Electric Safety Beams but with a more vigilant detection system.
- In Ground Loop Detectors can be installed in the driveway surface between the gate posts, these detect the metal in the vehicle and will stop the gate from operating until the vehicle has cleared the gate opening.
- Rubber Safety Edge this can be added onto older systems that do not have the Auto-Reverse function. They are installed onto the gate leaf, so as when the gate impacts a vehicle object it will then reverse into the open position.

To ensure you Automatic Gate System is functioning safely contact Freecall (02) 9771 5100 to book a technician to check and service your Automatic Security Gate System.

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I would like to say how very pleased we are with the very professional way in which you carried out the work. The work was of an excellent standard and the final results were very pleasing. It was good to have the work done by a firm that when they said they would do something, they actually did it and on time! 
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My wife and I were very pleased with the overall service and the quality gate that we received from your company. From the beginning of the process, right through to delivery and installation, each of the individual people we dealt with conducted themselves professionally and were only too willing to accommodate and be helpful. 
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