Choosing the right Automatic Gate System

Published on December 7, 2017 at 5:29 PM

Choosing the right Automatic Gate System depends on a number of factors.

Is your site best suited to an Automatic Swing Gate whether it be a single swing gate or a pair of swing gates or is an Automatic Sliding Gate System better suited.

To determine which Automatic Gate System will best suit your site you first need to consider the area available both next to the gate opening and inside the gate opening, along with the incline of the driveway and its surrounding area and lastly the driveway surface.

An Automatic Sliding Driveway Gate System is best suited to sites with a level surface area off to the side of the gate opening that is at least as wide as your actual gate, this allows for the full width of the sliding gate to slide back across into the opened position when the remote control is used to operate the gate for vehicles to enter and exit your property.

Automatic sliding gate systems are best suited to paved, concrete or asphalt driveways as these driveways provide a clear surface for the track to be mounted onto. Gravel driveways are not suited to Automatic Sliding Gate Systems as the gravel builds up on the gate track which interrupts the Sliding Gate Operation. Gravel driveways tend to experience a build up of rocks on the sliding gate track. Common problems experienced when this happens is that the auto reverse sensor will be activated as the gate thinks it is hitting an object, resulting in the gate sending itself back into the open position. Further problems will be damage to the limit settings which can be a costly item to repair, especially as an ongoing maintenance issue.

Sliding gate systems are also best suited to sites with a level surface next to the opening for the gate to slide into the open position. If the site has a steep incline next to and across the gate opening area a commercial motor would be required as a standard domestic motor will not cope with the braking required to ensure the gate opens and closes safely, if the brake on the gate is inadequate for the slope of the site it could cause harm to vehicles or people in the path of the gate when it is operating. Commercial sliding gate operators are an option but are not cost effective or as aesthetically pleasing for domestic gates.

Automatic Swing Gate Systems can be installed as a single or pair of gates. Single Swing Gate Systems are best suited for a gate opening up to 2.8mtrs wide. Once the gate opening is above 2.8mtrs wide we recommend a pair of gates to ensure secure locking of the motors when closed and trouble free operation. Automatic Swing Gates are best suited to sites where the driveway is level on the inside of the property for the gates to swing into the open position. Automatic swing gates are also ideal for gravel driveways as they do not require any components to be mounted to the driveway surface.

Happy Customer

 We appreciate the friendly and personal manner in which you approached our job. Your help in developing our design concept into reality was invaluable. You gave us confidence right from our initial meeting in your ability to deliver the level of quality and functionality we required. You did what you said you would do and kept us informed throughout the course of the project. 
Anthony – Stirgess Ave, Curl Curl
I would like to say how very pleased we are with the very professional way in which you carried out the work. The work was of an excellent standard and the final results were very pleasing. It was good to have the work done by a firm that when they said they would do something, they actually did it and on time! 
Les – Point Rd, Mooney Mooney
My wife and I were very pleased with the overall service and the quality gate that we received from your company. From the beginning of the process, right through to delivery and installation, each of the individual people we dealt with conducted themselves professionally and were only too willing to accommodate and be helpful. 
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Just want to let you know we are extremely happy with our gates and appreciate the thorough and professional service that you offered.
Kinglsey & Sally - Mariposa Road, Bilgola
Our new gate is a much welcomed addition to our property, Its operation is working perfectly and Ben and I are very happy with the finished product.
Maree & Ben - Faulkland Street, Kings Park