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Step 1: Choose your Style of Driveway Gate

  • 1. Single Sliding Gate

    Sliding gates require an area that is as wide as the driveway gate off to the side, so it can slide into the open position. If you do not have this room available for the gate to slide open you will need a swing gate system.

  • 2. Pair of Swing Gates

    A pair of gates are ideal for driveways over 2.8 metres wide

  • 3. Single Swing Gate

    Once a swing gate is wider than 2.8 meters we strongly recommend you install a pair of swing gates.

Here you can find fantastic prices on our trouble-free range of Automatic Gate Systems. In the first step we need to know what type of Automatic Driveway Gate you prefer. For example: an Automatic Sliding Gate or an Automatic Swinging Gate.

We'll also need your gate measurements, you may already have builders plans showing these sizes. If not you will need to measure the width and height of your gate. 95% of the gates we install do not exceed 1.8 metres in height as this is the maximum height allowance of most councils throughout Sydney.

An example of how to enter measurements for a gate that measures 3.2 metres wide (3 metres and 200mm) with a height of 1.8 metres (1 metre and 800mm) would be input like this: Gate width =  meters and Gate height =

For assistance please contact us on 02 9189 3011 during business hours.

What Size Gate Would You Like?

Please specify approximate sizes in meters. Not sure? Please see the example above.